‘Sentenced by the Sun’

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This week I wrote a poem that could be used for a song about the sun.  It was meant to be joyous but somehow ended up rather melancholic.  In the end it wasn’t right for the music, but I thought I’d share it anyway.  Interesting how often themes of loss seem to end up in my poetry recently, often conflated with images of the sea – as if the sense of loss itself can be drowned that way.  It’s a simple poem and written without too much attention to metre, but I like it:

Sentenced by the Sun

Blinded by the lightbeachcombed
I search for you:
in the gull’s cry
sent from bare white cliffs,
in the pounding of the tide,
in the bubbling of the surf
as the pebbles rattle
and gasp.

Here we scratched our names in sand
and watched the letters slowly soak.
Here with the sun soaring,burning
our shadows into the rock.
Here, our pact to hide from life
in caves known only to the sea.
And we became that sea,
that inscrutable blue
untouched by wave.

And now you’ve gone,
my fingers close instead
on water, salt and air.
I stretch my hands to that proud line
where blue meets blue and reach
somehow, to hold on
to you;

sentenced by the sun and
blinded by its light.