Avoiding ‘Blue-Peter’ syndrome in Podcasts

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It was great to work with Lyndon Jones recently on a podcast for the website, Sinfini.com.  He’s a really experienced producer, now freelancing having worked for BBC radio for many years.  Having his input on both the script and the delivery of the podcast was a P1020243real  treat, as it’s been quite a solitary affair up until now.  Normally it’s just me, a piano and Zoom recorder – and an imaginary (enthusiastic) audience, of course.  Lyndon talked of taking all the energy you’d normally give to a stage performance and channeling it down the mic.  I gave it my best shot, but it’s hard to do that without sounding too ‘Blue Peter’ish. Too much chest resonance and it sounds earnest and rather worthy.  Head voice and it verges on the children’s presenter.  Tricky balance, I find. I’ll post the Sinfini link once it’s finished and you can decide.