Brahms’ first symphony, for BBC National Orchestra of Wales:

Discover More / Darganfod Mwy: Brahms

In our next Discover More video, Jonathan James introduces Brahms' First Symphony. Find out more at our pre-concert talk:Brangwyn Hall – 09/03/18, 6.30pmūüéĶBrahms 1 – concert 7.30pm ein fideo Darganfod Mwy nesaf, mae Jonathan James yn cyflwyno Symffoni Rhif 1 gan Brahms. Dysgwch fwy yn ein sgwrs cyn y cyngerdd:Neuadd Brangwyn – 09/03/18, 6.30pmūüéĶBrahms 1 – cyngerdd 7.30pm

Posted by BBC National Orchestra of Wales on Friday, 2 March 2018

Finding Joy in Messiaen’s music, for Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra:

Samples of videos for Colston Hall’s International Classical series:


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